This book, A5 307-page spiral binding, is an information guide about soil-borne diseases in vegetables which has 4 pages as a set for one disease. The first 2 pages include pictures and symbols about the disease, the last two pages about how to control it.
The concept of this book is simplicity and accessibility for farmers out in the field. The book should be small enough to carry around and easy enough to read in the sun. That’s why we decided to symbolise all the info.
The hardest task with this project was definitely the layout to squeeze all the information into the limited room on the pages. I designed symbols with 2 main colours which are green and brown to pass the information efficiently, we also included additional information underneath with symbols needing more explanation. 
I spent a reasonable time to discuss with my client and come up with a basic layout of 4 pages which applies the same throughout the book. Most importantly pictures of the disease go in the first two pages of the chapter and the icons go on the bottom which is the basic structure of the layout.
The next two pages include 3 sections of how to control the disease which is ‘fallow’, ‘planting preparation’ and ‘post plant’. Also, the banner was placed at the end of the page for easy browsing.
This book had been developed after the layout was finished. I updated symbols, words and retouched pictures for my client’s requests and it cost a lots of intense work time. This project must be the longest and most challenging project in my career but I found myself enjoying the work. The team I was working for and the nature of the job made this a really satisfying project.

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